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As the number one regional cloud service provider, BIOS Middle East will now be offering an integrated VMware SD-WAN cloud connectivity solution called Network as a Service.  Network as Service customers will benefit from a provider that owns a regional cloud footprint that includes datacenters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and soon Jeddah. The solution itself will enable customers to leverage inexpensive broadband to connect to the cloud and reap the benefits of cost reduction on IT while enabling digital transformation.

BIOS Assured is managed service offering from BIOS that includes 24x7 protective monitoring and support for cloud workloads on BIOS’s own cloud as well as on hyperscalers and also for workloads in on premise datacenters. In addition to this, by integrating VMware SD-WAN technology into their network they are able to provide the best reliability and performance when it comes to connectivity.


Simplicity & Agility

A full range of all-in-one appliances for simple turnkey WAN modernization


Performance & Efficiency

Boost application performance and reduce WAN costs by up to 75%2


Scale & Trust

Full life-cycle support and services from a single trusted partner

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