Free Download: The 8 Common IT Pain Points Go Virtual Addresses

Go Virtual WhitepaperGo Virtual Eliminates Your IT Pain Points

In today’s technology‐driven environment, business agility depends on IT agility. But for many organizations, the potential business value of technology has become literally trapped within traditional IT infrastructures that are too rigid, costly and complex to keep up with the pace of real‐time business.


The 8 common pain points of the traditional approach to IT infrastructure can be summarized below:


  • Pain Point #1: Under-utilization and over provisioning of resources.
  • Pain Point #2: Storage wastage.
  • Pain Point #3: Inefficient data recovery mechanisms.
  • Pain Point #4: Inefficient power utilization.
  • Pain Point #5: High OPEX (maintenance and warranties) and continual CAPEX required.
  • Pain Point #6: Various points of management with poor visibility of issues ahead of time.
  • Pain Point #7: Limited scalability.  
  • Pain Point #8: Inelastic and slow to respond to business requirements.

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As a Cloud and System Integrator, BIOS specializes in Unified Storage, Virtualization and Unified Communications. BIOS has comprehensive range of solutions in Desktop, Server and Storage Virtualization, backed with 24/7 Managed Services.


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