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BIOS Secured

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CloudHPT DRaaS

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BIOS Assured Brochure

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CloudHPT BaaS

Brochures | BIOS Overview

Accelerate and Protect your businesses

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Secured Cloud Services

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Assured Recovery Services

Case Studies | DRaaS

MAF Ventures DRaas

Case Studies | BIOS Assist

Gulf News - Bios Assist

Case Studies | BIOS Assist

Accor - Bios Assist

Case Studies | Private Cloud + DRaaS

Yemen LNG - Private Cloud + DRaaS

Case Studies | DRaaS

Waha Capital - DRaaS

Case Studies | IaaS

The One - IaaS

Case Studies | ITaaS


Case Studies | DRaaS

Petrochem - DRaaS

Case Studies | BIOS Assured

OSN - BIOS Assured

Evaluation Guides | DRaaS

DRaas - Evaluation Guideline

Evaluation Guides | IaaS

IaaS - Evaluation Guide

Brochures | BIOS Assist

BIOS Assist

Whitepapers | Multicloud

The Emergence of Multicloud

Whitepapers | IaaS

9 Keys to a Pain-Free Cloud Migration

Whitepapers | IaaS

Cloud vs On - Premise Security

Whitepapers | DRaaS

The Business Case for DRaaS

Whitepapers | DRaaS

DRaaS Guide - Whats your plan?

Whitepapers | BIOS Assured

BIOS Making the Most of IT Managed Services Guide

Whitepapers | Cyber Security, BIOS Secured

What Management needs to know about Cyber Security

Whitepapers | BaaS, DRaaS

Veeam Whitepaper - Data Back Up Vs DR

Whitepapers | Healthcare Whitepaper

Healthcare Whitepaper

Whitepapers | IaaS

A guide to choosing the right cloud provider

Whitepapers | DRaaS

The Ultimate Guide to DRaaS

eBook | Cloud

5 Key Requirements for selecting the right cloud provider

eBook | Multi Cloud. Cloud Hosting, Cloud, IaaS

Multi-Cloud Guide 2019

eBook | Content Creation

CloudHPT Differentiators

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