BIOS Open innovation center in Boulevard, Burj Kalifa
Jan 2014: BIOS Open KSA Offices
Cloud services gain momentum with online backup, DR as a Service and Cloud High Performance Technology.

  • Go Virtual

    Explore dramatically simplified network consolidation with cisco unified computing, VMware & Netapp.

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  • Go Desktop

    Deliver the right desktop for every user local VM, Streamed VHD, pers. VDI or hosted shared desktops.

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  • Go Wireless

    Cut costs and reduce the completities of your wirless network with airohives unique approach.

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  • Go Secure

    Secure your network from permiter to documentation level and even down to block level of applications.

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  • Go Storage

    Whilst data grows at an exponential rate, organisa- tions are becoming increasingly dependent on it.

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  • Business Continuity and DR

    In the big picture, Time is Money and companies need to be able to operate without disruption.

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  • GO Unified Communications

    Addressing the challenge today's organisations face as they contend with complex environments.

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  • Networking

    The foundation for the services and applications you need to realize the potential of your business.

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  • Infrastructure Services

    Moving to a new office location or expanding your current set-up? BIOS offers a range of services to help.

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  • Support

    BIOS offers customers a range of support services to match your business needs.

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Our Partners

  • EMC2 Microsoft VMware NetApp CISCO
  • CITRIX DataCore Aerohive Boole Server Wyse
  • DevonIT APC HP Juniper Networks Symantec
  • Quest Veeam

About BIOS: The Leading IT Services and Support Consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Across the UAE


Our Mission: To help our customers use technologies to capture more of today’s Profits and drive more of tomorrow's Growth.

At BIOS we believe: “When used correctly, better Technology really does equal better Profits”.


We are a Systems and Cloud Integrator based in the UAE. Almost all of our IT services, solutions and support initiatives are designed with an ROI that is measurable in mind. We combine products that lead the IT industry by market share and that are always in Gartner’s magic quadrant. We combine these products with Professional IT Services from our accredited and experienced design and support team. We have extensive experience in dealing with major Vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, NetApp, EMC, Symantec, Cisco, Vblock, Flexpod and HP to create business enhancing IT solutions and services for our customers. Our core consultant focus is on Cloud Computing Services, Virtualization, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Backup Technologies, Unified Computing, VDI, Unified Communications, Wireless and IT Security Solutions. These IT services are supported by the highest levels of accreditation across a range of leading Vendors and backed by BIOS 24/7 Support and IT Managed Services.


BIOS have been building private clouds for our customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabai and throughout the UAE for years. In addition to this BIOS provides cloud services such as infrastructure as a services, backup as a service, Disaster recovery as a services.