Hybrid CloudHPT from BIOS

Total Flexibility

Hybrid CloudHPT

Accelerate your digital transformation with the perfect balance of performance, agility, and control. Hybrid CloudHPT combines high performance private cloud with elastic public cloud to empower your enterprise now and in future.


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Cisco Powered is the industry standard for cloud and managed services. Based on validated architectures and end-to-end security, Cisco Powered services minimize technology lifecycle complexity to reduce cost and risk. The ultimate best-in-class, offering flexible and scalable cloud services designed to help you achieve faster time-to-value.

Agility Privacy Your Cloud Compliance Assured Secured

Agility meets perfomance

The combination of scalable public cloud and high performance private cloud supports the constant demand for change. And when speed matters most, you get the same high performance levels as an enterprise-level private cloud from a hybrid cloud.

In addition, you can federate your solution to global cloud providers where appropriate giving you total flexibility.
For example for applications that are graphic intensive use Private CloudHPT and NVidia cards, for applications that require less performance but still need low latency use in-region public cloud from CloudHPT and for applications like office 365 use Azure.


Total Privacy

Your Private CloudHPT pod is housed will be housed in the best Datacenters in the Middle East ensuring physical security. In addition Private CloudHPT is protected by our SIEM as a Service and monitored by our SOC in Dubai.

Your dedicated SAN provides a fully-redundant solution, with no single point of failure. Plus, with our multiple transit carriers you'll benefit from a 100% network uptime. And, we can even host your Private CloudHPT environment across two different data centers, enabling you to balance workloads and live migrate virtual machines.

Your Digital Potential unlocked with your Cloud

Hybrid CloudHPT grows with your business, providing the future-proof infrastructure that enables your digital transformation.

As your enterprise demands new online services, digital operations and apps, Hybrid CloudHPT provides the agility, performance and reliability you need from a cloud platform.

Use CloudHPT for Test and Development and then import those business critical applications that have been developed into a private cloud for blistering performance.


Do you need a HIPPA or PCI certified platform? Build the components that need to be compliant on a private cloud and then scale out those components that do not need to be certified on our public cloud, giving you affordable compliance. 

Are you a government entity that would like to take advantage of the agility of public cloud in region but require dedicated storage? Hybrid cloud is as the perfect blend of scale, affordability and compliance for your requirements. 

BIOS Assured

RMM + NOC + Engineering

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tools provide constant real time information and alerting to our NOC in Dubai as well as to you via a portal or app on your phone. This dramatically increases operational efficiency – allowing us to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain your Private Cloud pod at all times. In addition our engineers in the data center are on hand if required.

You will receive real-time information as to the health and efficiency of your Private CloudHPT Pod and a monthly management report

BIOS Secured

Our security practice is called BIOS Secure and it is included with Private CloudHPT as standard.

In addition to firewalls, IPS, and anti-malware devices, 2FA which come as a standard your Private CloudHPT includes BIOS Secured.

BIOS Secured is designed to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats. We achieve this by using our SIEM-as-a-Service that monitors every connection in and out of your Private CloudHPT pod and matches each connection against a list of malicious threats in our Crime server. Our Crime server has more than 20 threat intelligence feeds and has a continuously updated database of over half a million malicious IP addresses targeting the Middle East. Our SOC can then block any malicious connections it detects in real time.

Designed, built and hosted in the UAE and KSA, our private cloud solution, Private CloudHPT, combines cutting-edge technology with a dedicated, passionate team of private cloud experts, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your core business.