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No two clouds are the same. Different clouds come with different benefits, pricing & payment options that suit different workloads and business outcomes. Now you can take advantage of the right cloud for the right situation with BIOS Multi-Cloud.

At the core of BIOS Multi-Cloud is a single pane of glass from which to; see, manage, and provision workloads across multiple clouds. In addition it is possible to customize catalogs for governance and see billing across multiple clouds (such as CloudHPT, AWS, Azure). BIOS Multi-Cloud also integrates into our Cross Cloud Managed Services, BIOS Assured, as well as into our Cross Cloud Managed Security Services, BIOS Secured. This allows for a fully managed and secure Multi-Cloud strategy.

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Benefits of Multi-Cloud

Freedom of Choice

No two clouds are the same. Multi-Cloud allows you to use the right could for the right workload. 


Multi-Cloud eliminates a single point of failure. As rare as major outages are, it pays to use multiple clouds, especially for Disaster Recovery


Using a Multi-Cloud approach allows companies to have access to the most advanced technology available at a price, but only where they need it.  

Eliminating Vendor Lock in

Multi-cloud prevents vendor lock in. As IT strategies develop flexibility can pay dividends. 

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  1. Visibility

    BIOS Multi-Cloud gives you complete visibility of all your workloads, regardless of which clouds they are on, through a single pane of glass. As well as seeing workloads across cloud, you can provisio them and access them from a single place.

  2. Governance 

    Ensuring server builds comply to corporate standards on different clouds can be difficult. BIOS Multi-Cloud addresses this by allowing for custom catalogues to be built that contain specific workloads or even networks that comply to your unique corporate standards, across clouds. 

  3. Cost savings

    A centralized reporting dashboard allows you to see the cost associated to workloads in AWS and Azure in real-time and compare them. Limits can be set in advance requiring approval and built in custom workflow.

  • Managed

    Different cloud environments have different tools for managing workloads. This can be extremely confusing. BIOS Multi-Cloud includes a single Managed Service platform and 24x7 that operates across clouds.

  • Security

    Multiple Clouds mean multiple environments to secure. We enroll all workloads regardless of where they are provisioned into our SIEM and monitor them from our 24x7 SOC across clouds. 

  • Availability

    Multiple clouds can be used to provide Cloud Disaster Recovery across clouds ensuring in the event of any major cloud failure your business and customers are not impacted. BIOS provides managed cross cloud DRaaS

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Don't take our word for it.. hear what Gartner has to say...

Gartner Report - Technology Insight for Multi-Cloud Computing

"By 2021, at least 75% of large and global organizations will implement a multicloud-capable hybrid integration platform, up from less than 25% in 2018. Gartner 2018 (How to architect a multi-cloud capable hybrid integration platform)"

Download Gartner Report