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CloudHPT's Cisco Powered Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers customers and partners a road map to the Cloud which will reduce IT cost by 50% and eliminate future CAPEX expenditure on a highly secure and elastic platform that is housed in the GCC’s best datacenters with a full managed service wrap around. 

  • Cloud servers located in the GCC
  • Built inside the best Datacenters 
  • Cisco Powered Cloud (Audited)
  • Highly Secure Cisco ACI
  • UAE based for low latency
  • Eliminates CAPEX
  • Reduce TCO by 50%
  • Self service portal or Managed
  • 24x7x365 business focused SLA/Support
  • Full MIgration Services 


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With a track record of simplifying the infrastructure management of high-potential, high-risk workloads, CloudHPT cloud hosting enables IT departments to do more with less, so they can focus on what’s most important.

Customers rely on CloudHPT for a fast, secure move to the cloud. Solutions can be easily shaped and molded to fit unique security, configuration, and connection specifications. Our specialized tools zero-in on unused resources to ensure effective management and optimization of costs. Once you move to the cloud, gone are the days of Capex costs, unreliable networks and expensive operational overheads.

Ranked number 1 from cloud providers UAE. Saudi Arabia. Qatar. Oman.

Benefits CloudHPT

  • CloudHPT operates enterprise-level security policies that ensure that all data is secure
  • Fully-managed services mean that you no longer have to be responsible for the day-to-day ‘lights on’ tasks required to run your core infrastructure
  • Access to the benefits of an enterprise-level infrastructure
  • Your infrastructure is run by experts. CloudHPT consultants are qualified to the highest possible degree in all the deployed technologies
  • Business-focused SLAs guarantee 100% uptime of your infrastructure with 24x7x365 support form our NOC.
  • Allows your IT staff to work on developing the applications that will help to improve your competitiveness and efficiency
  • Provided on a simple Opex model The solution can be quickly and flexibly scaled to suit your business needs
  • Each solution is designed with your individual requirements in mind
  • Is based both Onshore and Off Shore both within the UAE
  • Hosted in cages inside T3+ datacenters.