Datacenter Facilities for our Cloud

datacenter_for_cloud_services_middle_east_dubaiBIOS use Equinix the global leader in datacenters as their primary Datacenter provider. These datacenters of a higher standard than T3+ (real) datacenters and are supplemented by datacenter space from the other regional Telco’s. This ensures our Datacenter Service provides are world-class with SLAs, guaranteeing enterprise level uptime.

Datacenter Facilities located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Physical Security

The first step in providing a secure computing environment is physical security. Purpose-built from the ground up as physically hardened datacenters, our facilities provide mission critical environments to house your most important IT assets. Each facility has a large network backbone, fully redundant power and cooling, a high density/server-friendly design and a secure onsite media vault. Each facility is located away from major environmental risks like flooding or earthquakes and leverages some of the lowest power utility costs in the country to provide a very safe and economical solution.

On a physical level, access to the facilities are limited to authorized personnel only, using on premise security systems and access controls using biometric, card key and coded entry. An access log to the building and datacenter is continuously maintained and is reviewed periodically. Video surveillance is maintained 24x7x365 at the facilities and each camera is connected to one of several digital video recorders capable of storing thousands of hours of footage.

Datacenter Security Snapshot

  • Cameras – Internal/External High-Definition Color
  • Entrance – Man-trap
  • Access Control – Biometric, 3-Factor Authentication
  • Security Alerts Monitored – Security Company + Police Department + Fire Department
  • Building Sign – No Sign, Nondescript Building
  • Audits – Physical Audit Trails, Verified Daily on All Entry Points
  • Access – All Non-Employees Require Escort
  • Video Retention – 90-Day Retention

Operational Controls On-Site

Zones of Trust

There are defined distinct security zones in our datacenter facility. Each zone has a specific policy and distinct access group defined in the card access control system. Users are placed into zones based on their job function and are given the least privileges required to perform their jobs.

Separation of Duties

Visitors are classified by their duties and given specific rules and privileges. Controls are put in place for all types of visitors including vendors, guests, cleaning staff, consultants, contractors and temporary employees to ensure the highest level of datacenter security is in place.

Environmental Controls

State-of-the-art environmental controls such as VESDA are employed to prevent, detect, monitor and respond to any type of datacenter risk. Regular preventative maintenance (PM) on all mechanical equipment keeps our datacenter in good operational order.

Redundant Controls

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU) protect the equipment from surges, spikes, brown outs and other power quality issues. Automated failover provides production servers ultimate protection for the highest availability.




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