LivelyHoods, Our Partner for Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

LivelyHoods is a not-for-profit sales network that creates jobs for youth in Kenyan slums. In the slums, young women and men struggle to find a source of income. Often the only way to survive is to turn to a life of crime or radicalism. LivelyHoods gives talented youths the opportunity to work themselves out of poverty and into a life of financial independence and personal success – literally giving them a livelyhood.

Why LivelyHoods

“After a chance meeting Tiana Laden, a Co-founder of LivelyHoods, I was left extremely impressed by both the business model and the ambition of the scale of the problem they were addressing. It has given me great pleasure to watch their success and phenomenal growth over the past few years. We are delighted to partner with LivelyHoods for Our CSR” – Dominic Docherty (MD & Founder)

How LivelyHoods works

Livelyhoods identify youths with the attitude and mindset to succeed, and train them with the skills they need to be successful. Borrowing from the best practices of sales organizations in low-income communities, Livelyhoods puts their recruits through a training program that is focused on entrepreneurship,   customer service, sales, financial literacy and savings education.

Successful graduates of the training program are offered employment as sales agents. Sales agents receive products on consignment and earn commission for each product sold. Sales agents only repay the cost of the product after successful sales – a low-risk, sustainable alternative to micro-loans.

How we partner with LivelyHoods

In 2015 we established ‘The John Docherty Scholarship’ in memory of our founder’s late father.

Each year we award a University scholarship to the most talented and deserving LivelyHoods graduate. Applicants may have already worked themselves up into a position of management within LivelyHoods or be running a sales team. The award is for a Business based Degrees or Diplomas in the hope that the knowledge gained can be redeployed at LivelyHoods and thus be most impactful.

A word from our Founder

“I was very fortunate to spend a good portion of my childhood in Kenya while my father was the Managing Director, first of Standard Charted Bank and then Commercial Bank of Africa. My father always believed a person’s origin did not determine their destination and with a little help and a lot of hard work anyone could be successful. Therefore I know he would be delighted to be associated with LivelyHoods” – Dominic Docherty (MD & Founder)

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