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Posted by Dominic Docherty on Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 09:09 PM

Recently I suggested one of my clients in the UAE consider Cisco Unified Computing (UCS) as the platform to run their virtualized infrastructure on. To my surprise, they seemed unaware Cisco was in the server market.


As per the diagram below, Cisco is now 2nd in the US in this market and 3rd globally. The success they have had has been quiet stunning to say the least.


Cisco UCS Unified Computing


The biggest barrier I come across to Cisco UCS from potential clients is the lack of awareness about it. In an effort to address this, I have put together a small whitepaper on what Cisco brings to the table and why it should be given serious consideration for anyone considering refreshing their server infrastructure.


If you would like your rack to look like the one below, then we encourage you to download our whitepaper.


cisco unified computing

In summary the paper will discuss:

  • The need Cisco UCS addresses
  • How it adds value to a virtualized environment
  • The building blocks that make up UCS
  • The benefits of the servers
  • Why Unified Fabric is a game changer
  • What VN-link is and why its important
  • Why extended memory is a key feature
  • What the UCS manager looks like
  • And the big one…. (for me anyway)…. Service Profile – Cisco’s killer ‘App’


Download CISCO UCS Whitepaper


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