5 Benefits to the BIOS IT Office Suite

Posted by Dominic Docherty on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Small business owners with fewer than 100 employees and larger firms with branch offices often come to us looking for IT solutions to address their ever-changing technology needs.


If you've been overwhelmed with the choices in Unified Communications solutions, we'd like to unified communicationsshare with you a service that we often recommend to Dubai business owners who need network infrastructure, cloud storage, voice communications solutions, Wifi access points and the best in network security to allow their employees to work from home, or anywhere in the world: the BIOS IT Office Suite. When you hear “office suite” you might think of the Microsoft Office suite of products. And our IT Office Suite does use select Microsoft solutions, but it's combined with the best in Cisco UC products and includes trained, experienced IT staff to deploy and manage it.


Interested in learning more? Allow us to share five of the benefits for small business owners and branch office locations. When we're done, you can learn more with our free download to discover all the product features and see how you can reduce costs, improve productivity and stay ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of BIOS IT Office Suite:


1. Improve employee productivity - We live in an “always on” world. Yet, flex-time and telecommuting enhance the work-life balance for most employees. (And it's no secret that happier employees, who feel they have a better work-life balance, are more productive.) An international study of IBM employees showed the employee who telecommute or enjoy flex-time put in as many as 57 hours per week before experiencing family conflicts.

But successful telecommuting, desk-sharing and flex-time is only possible with full, secure remote access to your company's phone system, data network, and customer database. The BIOS IT Office Suite seamlessly integrates these communications and IT functions so employees can access voice mail, files, even phone calls from anywhere in the world, any time.


2. Improve the customer service with access to CRM databases from anywhere, at any time. - When sales people or service people on call can check purchase orders, work tickets and customer history from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they're able to better service customers, which results in repeat sales and more word-of-mouth referrals. It also reduces stress for employees; information truly is power when it comes to sales, service and support.


3. Save money with scalable solutions that grow with your company. - The office of the future is always prepared for growth. With cloud solutions, you can add new applications and cloud services as needed. You don't have to pay for expensive hardware or software licenses that you don't need at the moment. The infrastructure is flexible.


4. Focus on your core competencies to work “in” your business, rather than “on” your business. - With BIOS's award winning staff on your team for IT services and cloud management, you never have to worry about your servers, security, back-ups, apps or upgrades. We do it all for you so you can do what you're best at.


5. Enhance creative problem solving with seamless communications. -  Never miss an important message with email, voicemail and faxes all routed to one inbox. Phone calls can be routed, simultaneously, to office phones and mobile devices, avoiding the frustration of voice mail. Teleconferencing and online conferencing capabilities bring employees closer for multiple levels of collaboration any time, day or night.


Are you ready for the office of the future? Get more information to decide which BIOS IT Office Suite is right for your organization.


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