In the agile IT industry have we transformed into an Application Infrastructure Provider?

Posted by Dominc Docherty on Mon, Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:08 AM



More and more I think yes.

As an Application Infrastructure provider and manager, most of our engagements now begin with a readiness assessment to which we must start with IT’s sole purpose in life – Efficiency. Organizations are looking to develop, modernize and deploy their business applications FASTER.

Applications can have a tremendous impact on a organizations efficiency but they need a platform for themselves to be efficient and fast. The enterprise today has many applications of varying ages that fundamentally just want to rely on a guaranteed infrastructure. They are looking for an infrastructure that standardizes and optimizes the delivery of IT components.

Applications that hold true intellectual property cannot be fulfilled by a simple SAAS model and have performance & reliability requirements that we can’t always achieve with public cloud. For these applications we must offer a true private cloud with all the look and feel of a public cloud. This infrastructure will allow enterprises to run, modernize and develop business critical applications in a robust, secure environment. This is why we at BIOS developed Datacenter 3.0.

Datacenter 3.0 allows IT teams to be able to be transformed into business enablers who can now use their wealth of talent and capability to focus on the development of innovation and industry leading service rather than time spent on daily management or maintenance.

It is clear that it is no longer just about keeping up with the evolution of technology. For companies to stand out and create innovation it is what you do over and above that accelerates business performance. To this end, I feel our real value to our customers is to provide a RAPID infrastructure for applications whether it be Private Cloud (Datacenter 3.0), Complex Managed Hosting or Hyperscalers (CloudHPT).

To find out more about this approach get in touch and let’s start a conversation.


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