9 things to consider before migrating to the cloud in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Tue, Mar 09, 2021 @ 11:12 AM

secure public cloud in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabian CIOs agree that cloud can help them bridge the challenges of flexible working, scalability, security, intellectual property compliance and cost efficiencies.

But it’s understandable that as a corporate leader you may have apprehensions about such a big step. Although the local environment facilitates cloud adoption following the launch of the Saudi Cloud First Policy, each organisation within the Kingdom has its own priorities, workloads and technical concerns.

As with any new technology, migrating to the cloud in Saudi Arabia requires asking a few strategic questions.

9 questions to ask before adopting a public cloud in Saudi Arabia

  1. What do you want from the cloud? Which applications do you need cloud access for?
  2. What’s your budget? Cost is a significant IT consideration in Saudi Arabia. For example, the bandwidth required to set up an inhouse system can require an astronomical budget.
  3. How do you want to pay? Do you want an all-inclusive fee or do you want to pay as you go? Are you aware of bill shock?
  4. What are your data compliance requirements? Do you need to store data within Saudi Arabia or do you routinely open yourself up to the dangers of exporting this data?
  5. What level of security do you need? Are our security practices evolved for the current and future scenarios?
  6. What kind of customer service is available? Think about the support offered, response times and SLAs.
  7. What time frame are you looking at? How quickly you need to upscale will shape your project timelines.
  8. What software's do you already work with? Finding a provider with a platform that is agnostic to any technology
  9. Do you have enough network connectivity? Double check whether your bandwidth is sufficient.

While the cloud brings a host of benefits, not all migrations end well. Speak with our cloud consultant today to take you through your cloud options in Saudi Arabia. 

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