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Now that you are VAT ready, whats next?

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:38 AM

Now that your organisation is VAT-ready, you might want to think about getting up to snuff regarding some other common standards. Many clients look for organizations that meet specific professional standards regarding how client information and in-house processes are managed. And they don’t want to just take your word for it, they need proof.


Globally some of the key certifications include ISO 9001/ISO 27001. These certifications mark your organization as worthy of trust, as certified by a third party. 


There’s a growing need for organizations to be certified under one or both of these compliance standards, but getting certified is difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

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Digital Disruption in the UAE and what it means for UAE companies

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Thu, Mar 01, 2018 @ 11:20 AM

“Digital disruption” was once the buzzword of the year, when long-frozen markets were suddenly seeing change and upset by small, web-based competitors that understood technology and market needs better than existing players. This lead to the dethroning of companies that were previously considered inviolable and permanent in many markets.

While that wave of disruption in the U.S. has slowed down to manageable levels and UAE companies lead their GCC peers in going digital, they must do more to engage consumers in their market, who are among the most tech-savvy in the world, and stay relevant in an age of disruption.

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Al Naboodah Group Enterprises Appoints BIOS for Disaster Recovery Coverage

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Wed, Jan 31, 2018 @ 11:34 AM

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, January 31, 2018


BIOS, a specialist in disaster recovery services, has been appointed Disaster Recovery Service (DraaS) provider by Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE), one of the UAE's oldest and most respected family conglomerates with a diverse portfolio of businesses.


Bios (1) copy.jpg

BIOS is the first and only company from the Middle East to be recognized by Gartner as a 'Visionary' for its DRaaS. BIOS's innovative Assured Recovery Service (ARS) is delivered on BIOS's CloudHPT.


As a company with a diverse portfolio of business’ running operations across a wide range of industries, ANGE counts on reliable infrastructure and full-time application availability. ANGE's various companies run 24/7 operations with a high daily transaction volume, so any downtime and data loss will disrupt continuity of business. ANGE sought a disaster recovery solution to protect their business, clients and revenue streams.


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2018 predictions

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Thu, Jan 18, 2018 @ 09:38 AM

To be taken with a pinch of salt.


Cloud in the Middle East:
Studies show only 5% of companies have fully embraced cloud fully. We expect this to significantly increase (well, we would say that). The advantages of cloud through the elimination of CapEX and depreciation coupled with the scalability and agility are just too big for companies to ignore. We hope CEO’s now take a more active position in deciding which technology to build their businesses on.


ai-cryptocurrency-cover.jpgIT departments going to the board to buy Traditional IT will face more and more push back. We expect traditional IT providers and vendors to find themselves swimming in an ever diminishing pond. We also expect several ‘kodak’ moments in 2018 for those providers and companies that don’t embrace cloud.

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BIOS Middle East accomplishes recertification as Cisco Gold Partner

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Jan 15, 2018 @ 01:34 PM

BIOS Middle East is delighted to announce that once again we have been recertified as a Cisco Gold Partner and have passed the focused audit for our Cloud and Managed Services. As one of only 15 Cisco Gold Partners in the UAE, BIOS renews its exclusive status which is renowned for being the highest possible level of accreditation with Cisco. The status recognises BIOS’ ability to sell, install and support Cisco solutions. The certification is judged on factors including personnel, support and specialisation.


Speaking of the recertification, BIOS’ Managing Director, Dominic Docherty said,


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How cloud services are supporting a FinTech revolution in the Middle East

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Tue, Dec 19, 2017 @ 01:09 PM

The United Arab Emirates is leading the charge in the Middle East’s rapidly evolving financial technology sector, with international interest and investors flowing into the region. As this interest grows, FinTech investors are looking for stable, established infrastructure to support and grow. And a big part of today’s FinTech infrastructure is cloud services, which are supporting the revolution of FinTech in the Middle East.

Financial services is no longer the staid, nine-to-five business it once was. With customers demanding 24/7 access to their accounts from multiple devices, financial services firms have been forced the embrace cloud technology whether as soon as possible to meet customer demand and avoid getting left in the dust. Cloud services support this change in a number of different ways.

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Think you’re safe from a cyber attack? A security gap analysis may tell you otherwise

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Dec 11, 2017 @ 02:54 PM

You might think that your network is safe from attack. You might have even weathered the storm against ransomware or a DDOS a

ttack. But have you tried your luck against a determined, sophisticated attacker? A security gap analysis can help you find gaps in your network that attackers will capitalize upon, securing your netw

ork against penetration and exploitation. Whether you work with a third party to conduct the security gap analysis or run it on your own, you’ll follow the same basic steps.

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Eight questions to ask for Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Sun, Dec 03, 2017 @ 10:59 AM

Whether you’re looking for a new backup and disaster recovery service provider or you’ve had the same one for ages, there are several questions you should keep in mind to ensure you have the most effective backup and disaster recovery plan.


1. Are you backing up the right files?

Obviously, you need to be sure that your backup and disaster recovery plan covers the most important files for your business. But think beyond just work product and database files: what about system configurations, metadata, application licenses, hidden files and calendar events? Backups of these “edge cases” will be essential to restoring your system from scratch if and when the time comes.

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BIOS achieves 4 certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Nov 27, 2017 @ 12:42 PM

We are happy to announce BIOS have achieved the following ISO certificates for our cloud and managed service offerings:

• ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - information security standard
• ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems
• ISO 22301 Societal security -- Business continuity management systems
• ISO 20000-1: Service management system

By certifying with these standards it provides evidence to our customers that BIOS have and continues to invest in tools, personnel, policies, procedures and controls to ensure their systems and data are secure and managed to internationally recognized standards.
BIOS previously became the first Cisco Gold Partner in the Middle East to also become a Cisco Master Managed Service Provider and a Cisco Powered Cloud Provider. Our journey to becoming ISO certified began with attaining these levels of accreditation which are largely based on the ISO standards.

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BIOS Middle East Launches Microsoft Azure Stack at GITEX With Cisco

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Sun, Oct 29, 2017 @ 01:04 PM

BIOS Middle East, the United Arab Emirates #1 Cloud Service Provider, is ready to face the future with its new integrated cloud offering. Azure Stack built on Cisco and managed by BIOS brings the power of Microsoft Azure in-country. Azure Stack will provide the same look and feel as Azure while federating to Azure to take advantage of things such as Big Data Analytics, Development tools & Artificial Intelligence. The stack which comes with a fully managed service and security wrap around is available on a shared platform, Azure Stack-as-a-Service or as a dedicated appliance, Azure Stack. The shared platform caters for SME's while the dedicated platform is targeted towards Enterprises. BIOS launched this groundbreaking new product on the CISCO stand at GITEX 2017, the Middle East's largest IT industry exhibition.

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