Backup? Disaster Recovery or Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Feb 10, 2020 @ 10:39 AM


DraaSIn truth most businesses that have any sort of size will want to have backup and also some kind of disaster recovery. But they don’t always. Often Disaster Recovery is perceived as too complicated or expensive. Perhaps this was the case several years ago but things have changed. When considering your companies backup and DR strategy consider some scenarios: 


Which is right for my company?

Its Sunday morning 9 am. You start work but you can’t connect to any of your servers. Your IT checks the server and sees a message ‘Your data has been encrypted. To receive the decryption key send 10 bitcoins to this address’.

Hopefully you’ll be able to restore from backup. This assumes it has been working properly. You’ll be down for a day or 2. The business will be ok but how much will that cost your business?

But what about this scenario: Last night the server room air-conditioner flooded and there is a catastrophic storage device failure which requires a full replacement. Your data is safe (hopefully). But you have no infrastructure available to restore it to.

In this case you really want to have Disaster Recovery or Disaster Recovery as a Service.

But which is best for you?
In this download we will look at the different scenarios and pro’s and cons.

Whitepaper Backup - DR or DRaaS

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