The benefits of SIEM as a Service in the Middle East

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 09:55 AM

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. It’s a complex web of technologies and software tools that provide real-time monitoring and reporting of large scale IT infrastructure. By hosting a centralized viewpoint for security event management, log collection and infrastructure alerts, IT teams and cyber security professionals can keep tabs on networks of any size.

What is SIEM?

            From a broad perspective, SIEM provides real time analysis of logs and security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. It serves as a clearing house for your network’s security, keeping you informed about everything from routine activity, like who opened which files, to potential network security breaches, like logins from unfamiliar IP addresses.

            SIEM software can monitor many devices and applications simultaneously. The system can also be programmed to respond automatically to certain types of security events. Considering the unwieldy complexity of large IT systems, this type of automated response is often mandatory for corporations of any reasonable size. By automatically alerting your IT security staff about a potential cyber security breach and taking preventative action, SIEM packages keep your IT staff informed and your digital information protected.

            In addition to supporting cyber security, SIEM packages also provide a unified view for your infrastructure, workflow, compliance and log management. With event and log collection and automatic report generation, the system manages important records while keeping your team aware of changes and anomalies.

            In the Middle East, IT security tools like SIEM are crucially important. As the technological adoption and innovation grows, security services have often not kept up with the demand for new hardware and software. Developing regions lack the IT security infrastructure of more developed areas, leading to reduced network security in the Middle East. As a result, more attackers are focusing their efforts on the region. This makes strong IT security a must-have for companies operating in the Middle East.

What is SIEM-as-a-Service?

SIEM-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides all the benefits of an SIEM package, but without the complex setup, significant capital investment, expensive analyst staff and ongoing maintenance headache. As a cloud service, SaaS is managed by a third-party vendor, who’s responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the SIEM platform.

            Using a SaaS provider lets you reap the expertise of cloud service experts. These experts can provide you with the correct service for your network size and security requirements, improving your cyber security with a months-long windup.

While most cloud service providers offer SaaS at a remote data center, with the computing resources located in a shared server installation, some operators also offer on-premise installation, with the hosting hardware physically located on your campus. Depending on the level of involvement from your IT security team, you’ll need to choose the right placement to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of SIEM as a Service?

SIEM can over major improvements in cyber security and network security. By keeping a unblinking, automated eye on your network resources, SIEM tools monitor and take action against potential cyber security breaches instantaneously. Some potential benefits of SIEM include detection and prevention of potential security breaches, reduced damage from cyber security breaches, improved reporting, reduced network cost and compliance with industry standards and government guidelines.

            With SIEM-as-a-Service, you get all the benefits of an SIEM package, but at far lower complexity and far less expense. With a turnkey solution, you don’t need to worry about purchasing hardware, acquiring security talent, setting up complex packages or maintaining business-critical infrastructure. That responsibility is offloaded to the SaaS provider, letting you reap the benefits of SIEM with less of the secondary costs.

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