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Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Oct 12, 2015 @ 12:36 PM

Thanks to cloud computing, effective disaster recovery no longer requires extensive hardware and software build-out and maintenance. Proper business continuity is possible with Zerto’s comprehensive replication technology and lightning fast recovery.

BIOS’s Cloud Disaster in the UAE enables you to protect critical systems without the headaches of maintaining complex software and infrastructure technologies yourself. We provide highly available, high-performance infrastructure capacity to fully recover your critical workloads in minutes with a near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO).


You may be wondering if this will help your IT team or free up capital. The answer is yes, it allows you to implement disaster recovery without having to buy more hardware, additional licenses or hire more resources. More importantly your existing IT team can focus on the next things the business wants to do instead of stopping everything and doing a DR test.



Key Benefits of BIOS DRaaS using Zerto Replication

You need confidence that your business continuity plan will work during and after a disaster. Zerto’s easy-to-install replication software with continuous data protection gets you replicated and protected fast. This combined with BIOS’s cloud called CloudHPT located in the UAE makes an ideal solution for DRaaS.

Zerto replication technology simplifies and automates the entire application protection, not just data, by utilizing hypervisor-based replication technology, which enables VM-level protection. Our solution automates failover, failback, reverse protection for non-disruptive DR testing and effective recovery.

Check out our DraaS page here for a demo video, brochure and business case 

Why BIOS for DRaaS:

  • Expert onboarding and strategy assistance from a tenured service group with comprehensive knowledge of Zerto and best practices for cloud-based recovery
  • Ability to enable complex recovery deployments, including combinations of physical, virtual and highly secure workloads, that meet your timelines, risk profile, compliance and security needs
  • Dedicated team of experts that understands your business objectives and helps guide and execute tests and declarations on a moment’s notice
  • Access to fully-functioning applications in a remote Virtual Datacenter (VDC) within your selected Recovery Time Objective (RTO), not just “live VMs”
  • Full control over self-tests or managed tests with access to on demand compute resources to ensure effective recovery
  • 24x7 Dubai based NOC

Customers trust BIOS + Zerto’s continuous data protection to help their team get up, running and tested so they can get back to more strategic projects quickly to ensure seamless business continuity for their organization. To understand more about the business case for Disaster Recovery as a Service click here 


Cloud DR Brochure


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