How BIOS Assist helps boost productivity during COVID-19

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Dec 07, 2020 @ 09:27 AM

noc-1Over the course of the pandemic, BIOS Middle East has demonstrated how outsourcing can help organisations cut costs and improve agility, scalability and cybersecurity. While customer-facing companies in the UAE and the Gulf were hit twice as hard, the downturn has also underscored the benefits of outsourced operations. Organisations with existing hybrid operations have managed the transition more smoothly;


How does outsourcing achieve this?

A drop in consumption across the economy has led to revenue decline in many industries such as retail, travel and tourism. At the same time, more calls have been routed to IT help desks, including outside of normal working hours. And where companies managed to implement remote working arrangements, staff struggled with reduced access to key data and communications channels. Support normally provided onsite has had to be delivered remotely. Reduced manpower and demands for lower costs have further complicated matters. Consequently, companies of all sizes have had to rethink resource management and workplace models for IT end-user support.

As an established and economical solution to address back-office IT services, outsourcing bridges these gaps. The result is that business service levels stay high, but cost reductions accrue across the balance sheet, by way of lowered rents, smaller wage bills and fewer IT infrastructure demands.

IT support services through difficult times
BIOS Assist, our 247 helpdesk for end users end-users is now over 10 years old and has been in high demand over the pandemic. We have noticed increasing numbers of calls outside of normal working hours as staff take advantage of flexible working hours.

BIOS Assist offers its customers a range of broad business support across the Middle East. First and foremost, customer-facing services such as calling, email and live online assistance directly support clients’ business operations. On average the service deals with over 1000 calls a day with average wait times of less than 20 seconds. In addition to providing end users with support around connectivity, remote access, AV monitoring, email issues etc. the team also provides specialist support around specific applications. IN addition the service offers end user management, including – Security patching. BIOS Assist also provides companies with a white label centralised helpdesk and call centre for network support. The helpdesks operate 24x7x365 and support over 10,000 users, so customers can enjoy unmatched confidence levels. For the business that leverages it there are also management benefits such as a centralized ticketing system for tracking issues and identifying recurring problems. Keeping your staff productive by making sure their end user devices are working optimally is usually a top priority for most businesses.

Enhanced IT support services across the UAE are offered by way of patch management, anti-virus defender packages and mobile device management. BIOS Assist agents step in to help clients via remote monitoring, and all calls into a customer’s PC are recorded, ensuring IT compliance needs are met. Customised, real-time IT dashboards allow seamless integration between client and BIOS teams, leading to higher productivity overall – even over the coronavirus period.

Most importantly, BIOS Assist has helped customers redistribute payroll staff to areas of higher concern, leading to significant cost reductions and improved efficiencies across the board.


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