How to perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment in 5 steps

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 11:38 AM

With a variety of cloud services now in offer from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft the decisions involved in moving to the cloud can feel like a minefield. Cloud readiness assessment cuts through the clutter to recommend the best approach for moving your applications to the cloud. Good ones set out a way forward that included running costs, transition plans and time scales and you have no longer have to take all or nothing approach a cloud readiness ass will highlight if hybrid cloud is right for you. It’s the simple way to cut through the clutter and starts with just 5 questions.

cloud readiness assessment


1. What are your priorities? What benefits are you hoping to  achieve by moving your apps to the cloud? For most it is to save money, eliminate the need to look after physical hardware you can let someone else look after your IT so you can focus on running your business better


2. How are your applications structure?  What technologies are you using and how are they structured. The cloud readiness assessment determines how easily they can modified for the cloud and how open are they to scaling


3. How is data handled? How your apps interact with database, where is the data stored and how much data there is. We will assess the cost effectiveness of moving this to the cloud  to help your business be more agile


4. What processes are involved? What happens with your apps and how do they interact with external applications. Only with a complete context of your system, can a  readiness assessment can recommend the best approach


5. What are you usage requirements? Who uses this applications and what volumes do you need? Does your business experience peaks and trough in demands and importantly your future plans will really determine the right cloud mix for your business  


Underpinning these core 5 factors is Budget. A  good  cloud readiness assessment should prioritize your cloud services to make the most of your investment


Are you cloud ready?


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