How to Protect Your Company from Cyber attacks

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Mar 19, 2018 @ 10:01 AM

Ever since computers have been networked together, unauthorized access has been a concern. From the first viruses to modern-day cryptocurrency hacks, users have always needed to fend off cyber attacks. As computers have become a larger part of life and business, that concern has only grown, and rightly so. Major vulnerabilities are revealed with alarming frequency. Security holes like Meltdown and Spectre appear as if from nowhere, infecting huge numbers of systems and requiring immediate patches to close major vulnerabilities. Heartbleed undermined the security of OpenSSL, perhaps the largest secure communications protocol in the world. Critical Middle Eastern infrastructure was disrupted with the TRITON malware in December 2017, and 56% of the companies in the growing MENA market reported losing more than $500,

000 in cyber-attacks, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2016 report.



No business is immune from these kind of system vulnerabilities and attackers. As cyber crime become more sophisticated, how can you protect yourself—and your company—from cyber-attacks? The key is constant vigilance and appropriate security layers.

 A mature security posture has multiple layers, starting with controlled access. Access into and out of the network must be controlled by a firewall, allowing or disallowing communication based on things like point of origin, communication type and destination. This can work by something as simple as URL filter or port limitation, or involve complex heuristics and detailed white lists.  But firewalls are not perfect and can be breached maliciously by hackers or carelessly by employees.

With a security information and event management (SIEM) system, you can stay informed about intrusions and potential risks to your information systems. A SIEM system collects real-time data about system use and communications, monitoring system resources for unauthorized use and illegitimate access. When an attack is detected, it can be prevented by shutting down the relevant systems automatically and instantaneously.

 If a cyber-attack is effective, immediate steps need to be taken to mitigate the damage caused by hackers. The extent of the damage must be assessed quickly, determining what information has been damaged or stolen. The goal of the cyber-attack must be ascertained as soon as possible as well. Was their cyber crime intended to steal information or sabotage systems? Depending on the purpose of the attack, there should be plans for different reactions. Lost data must be recovered, and the integrity of data must be assured immediately.

In the event of a major cyber-attack involving public information, executives and stakeholders must be informed correctly. With an appropriately-managed SIEM, executives will be informed as soon as their attention is required, whether it’s in the middle of the work day or the middle of the night. That way, the appropriate decision makers can decide how and when to responsibly report the results of the attack, and to whom.


Providing all of the services with in-house IT services is possible, but getting even a single part of the process wrong can be disastrous. When companies design or maintain their own security systems, they leave the door open for hackers and cyber attacks with insufficient monitoring, late system updates or simple ignorance of best practices. Better security comes from relying on trusted professional security providers, with deep experience detecting and defeating cyber attacks.


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