Pay peanuts, get rain clouds 🤷

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Thu, Aug 19, 2021 @ 11:53 AM

DRMore companies are tapping into the cloud as hybrid working models continue to shape our operating environment. But as business uncertainty continues, CIOs are often being pressed to make cloud purchasing decisions based on price alone.

But we’ll share a secret with you today.

Cloud computing isn’t about price.

Or as we like to say here at BIOS, pay peanuts, get rain clouds.

That’s not to say the price shouldn’t be a consideration when making a purchasing decision. Rather, the amount you pay should only enter the equation once you know how your company is going to use the cloud. Otherwise, you could well buy first and regret it later.
How will moving to the cloud serve your business goals?

That’s the question you need to answer first.

If you move your business to the cloud but aren’t clear on what it will do for you, you’re likely to end up with a very expensive white elephant. Not just that – you’ll spend more on additional services as the months go by. And all because the initial decision was made on the price consideration alone.

Gartner recommends beginning with a cloud strategy. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you think the cloud can do more for you, a cloud strategy helps you make sure you’re spending money on the things that matter.

So, you don’t get rain when you want cloud. Because what use is the wrong kind of cloud?

Better yet, a cloud strategy arms you with the tools you need when convincing management to back a more expensive option. If you can demonstrate exactly how the expenditure will improve business, you’re more likely to get management backing. And we know how good that feels.

Take a moment to download Gartner’s plug-and-play Cloud Strategy Cookbook 2021 here.

Gartner Report

We promise it will simplify your life.

If you need help making a decision, BIOS Middle East representatives can help. With experience across the GCC, we know and understand the region’s unique problems, from data sovereignty to security.

Simply reach out to us here

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