The ultimate private cloud for the ultimate Hybrid cloud strategy? The Case for Azure Stack in the enterprise

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Sep 03, 2018 @ 01:00 PM

Cloud adoption in the Middle East continues unabated. Our cloud business in the Middle East is growing at approximately 200% year on year. While we see smaller companies can move easily to the public cloud, enterprises prefer a hybrid cloud model. This can be due to cost, data sovereignty and corporate policy. And this preference is not just limited to the Middle East but is a global trend.


Consider these recent stats from Right Scale:


    • 50 percent of enterprise IT teams say hybrid cloud is a priority.
    • 74 percent of enterprises say hybrid cloud enables business growth.
    • 85 percent adopted a hybrid strategy last year.
    • 91 percent of IT pros think hybrid will remain a priority in 2023

If you are an enterprise considering a Hybird Cloud strategy then there is only one option that provides a consistent cloud offering as a private and public cloud and that is Azure Stack. It is for this reason BIOS invested early in Azure Stack and became the first company in the world to invest in Cisco’s Azure Stack which we have installed and working in the UAE – the only Azure Stack in the UAE.


To create Azure Stack, Microsoft leveraged the code base, portal, APIs and service architecture of its public cloud, Azure. That means both platforms are fully compatible. You can share apps, data and workloads across both environments, with Azure Stack giving you the on-premises control and security of a private cloud, while Azure offers the near-infinite resources of public cloud. This is even more exciting when we consider Azure proper will be live in the UAE in 2019.


Download our whitepaper to view the four use cases where Azure Stack can have the greatest impact.






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