The Three Most Crucial Helpdesk KPIs

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Feb 11, 2019 @ 12:29 PM

NOCNEW-home-lighter-smWhen it comes to managed services providers, helpdesk services are crucial. If your team members find themselves locked out of mission-critical applications or plagued by bugs, their productivity and morale will suffer. Getting their issues resolved in a timely fashion is crucial to business success. An MSP that fulfils these three helpdesk KPIs will help you be a more effective organization.

  1. First Contact Resolution

How many of your users’ issues can be solved in just one call? First Contact Resolution (FCR) measures this percentage (note that this does not include calls that are escalated). When this this KPI is higher, it means your employees are getting back to work more quickly after experiencing issues. Of course, not all issues can be solved in just one call. For example, if hardware is physically broken and not just afflicted by a software bug, the issue will still be there once the user hangs up. Helpdesk admins will contextualize these issues to make sure they aren’t counted in overall FCR stats.

  1. Time to First Response

If you’re a user experiencing an issue, you want it to get resolved fast. Any time waiting – whether its time spent waiting on hold or time waiting for a response to a ticket – will swiftly increase their aggravation. 34% of users will hang up and not call back after just two minutes of hold time.

If the MSP can’t decrease hold times by hiring more call center staff, they can still provide a recourse. For example, they can re-emphasize your knowledgebase and direct users so solve some first-line issues there instead of calling. If they can’t provide a quality reference, however, it may be time to move on.

  1. User Satisfaction

By any measure, customer satisfaction is the most important metric you can fulfil. MSPs will usually measure this by offerign selected users a short survey after their interaction with a customer service representative. Net Promoter Score – a two question survey that asks whether the customer was satisfied with their service and if they’d recommend it to others – is among the most effective ways to measure this. If an MSP can confirm a high NPS among their helpdesk clients, it’s definitely work checking them out.

Make Customer Support Easier with BIOSME

At BIOSME, our BIOS Assist service provides an outsourced helpdesk that can aid users with fast response time, useful information, and an increased FCR. If you’re interested, check out our case study on Gulf News, where we assisted this organization in building a responsive helpdesk infrastructure. For more information, contact BIOSME today.


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