UAE Healthcare provider achieves 40% savings with CloudHPT IaaS

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 @ 10:38 AM

Healthcare firms are adopting cloud services at a fast pace globally. The combination of reduced CAPEX and scalable, agile IT resources that cloud delivers suits the unpredictable workloads and lean IT teams common in this industry. A BIOS customer in the UAE healthcare industry that was challenged when they purchased a new HIS system with constantly increasing IT costs  for the infrastructure and building a centrally, locally hosted data center, they discovered more benefits than they’d expected with the CloudHPT Secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution.


Read the Case Study - UAE Healthcare provider achieves cost savings of 40% and moves to secure cloud with CloudHPT IaaS

Executive overview
The healthcare industry is going through a dramatic transformation, harnessing new ways to see and treat patients, as well as collaborate and share patient information.

The outcome will be more targeted, preventive and effective medical care. IT is a true enabler of this transformation. BIOSME is helping organizations become more efficient and cloud enabled through in-country and global cloud networks and platforms allowing healthcare providers to focus on driving innovation.

Industry challenge
Healthcare is the world’s largest industry, and one of the most dynamic.

The industry is revitalizing and transforming itself faster than any other vertical, as it seeks to deliver superior value, provide preventive measures and improve patient outcomes. This is creating new pressures as patients, insurers and governments demand a reduction in healthcare costs and a more effective delivery of services. All the while, sensitive patient data must be kept secure.

The role of technology is crucial. Remote monitoring, IoT platforms, multiple data points and virtual consultations offer an opportunity to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered.

For many healthcare providers, however, legacy and data systems were not built for seamless integration, accessibility and collaboration. Transformation requires established healthcare organizations to rethink their IT infrastructure, and encourages innovative new entrants.


Learn more about the migration processes of the UAE’s healthcare industry towards the cloud and the benefits it holds for patients and clinics by downloading this document.


Read Full Case Study  here 

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