When is a good time to think about cloud?

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Thu, Apr 07, 2022 @ 08:47 AM

multi-cloudMoving to the cloud can deliver strategic advantages in terms of cost and risk reduction while strengthening disaster recovery and delivering scalability in an uncertain business environment. But while the benefits of cloud adoption are inarguable, doing so at the right time is crucial to business success.

3 occasions to embrace the cloud
Internal BIOS data shows that companies gain the most value when they make the transition to the cloud at specific moments during the business lifecycle. Some of these include:
Replacing ageing hardware
Legacy hardware and other IT components must be regularly updated and maintained in order to protect the business from the risk of performance failures, outages and vulnerabilities. Cloud solutions bypass the need for big-ticket investments by reducing or removing the need for on-premise infrastructure.

Launching new applications
With an acceleration in the uptake of digital solutions, customers are looking for solutions that suit their new lifestyles. As businesses look to capitalise on new applications, the cloud is a natural platform to build and run scalable applications in dynamic environments such as private, public and hybrid clouds.

Publishing applications
Published applications are virtual software programs that function just like locally installed applications. Whether these are for in-house, partner companies or customers, the cloud enables data sharing across geographies quickly and on-demand. When published applications are the eventual aim, migrating operations to the cloud can be a good start.

Learn more about our cloud
Not quite sure about the cloud? Download our comprehensive overview to find out more.

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