Why are cloud services being adopted at an exponential rate?

Posted by Nidhi Savla on Sun, Oct 27, 2019 @ 12:47 PM

cloud security - sharesThe total cloud spend of the Middle East is estimated to stand at just below 1bn USD but it’s predicted to grow to 4bn by 2022. In fact this isn’t just happening in the Middle East, globally cloud is being embraced by almost all organizations and is expected to hit 300bn of spending by 2022.

But why are so many companies moving to the cloud so quickly?

  1. The elimination of capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. This is a big one. By moving to the cloud companies can remove up front spending on IT infrastructure and pay just for what they use and when they use it.
  2. If the cloud offering is fully managed there can be a big reduction in Operational Costs. Time and money spent on ‘keeping the lights on’ is not required. Resources previously spent on looking after; storage, compute, networking, operating systems etc. can be directed at more profitable ventures.
  3. Once data is outside of the corporate firewalls it can become very mobile. Being moved from one platform to another to take advantages of new services such as data analytics, launching new services such as eCommerce and customer service initiatives. Projects become much faster.
  4. By being on the cloud, companies can scale up IT infrastructure resources where they need it instantly. No more waiting 4 months for infrastructure tenders, predicament and delivery.

But how can companies be sure their move the clouds will be successful?

A good way is by using a CSP.

Cloud provides the potential for reduced costs and improved speed to market. In other words moving to the cloud can improve a business’s bottom line. But only when executed properly. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can be a crucial component in making a cloud strategy not only successful but cost advantages.

Here is a quick data sheet of 8 benefits of working with Cloud Services Providers.


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